Physical Therapy Basics

physical therapy winnipegThere are instances that in every activity that an individual do or engage with, accidents such as injuries occur mostly in the field of sports. These injuries are painful and can take a long time before they can heal. There are many ways on how to deal with this situation but one of the most effective is Physiotherapy. Are you familiar with it? Well, if your answer is no, here are the basics of Physiotherapy for your information.


What is Physiotherapy?


This is also known as Physical therapy which is a treatment that helps an individual rehabilitate and treat musculoskeletal system disorder or complications that are usually caused by accidents. Evaluation and diagnosis are also part of this health care as well as final assessment which will indicate the success of a treatment. Learn more about sports physiotherapy.


What are Physiotherapists?


They are individual who have studied, trained and professionally licensed to execute the health treatment and care for the skeletal and muscular system injuries. They are specializing in different areas and are working in different venues or places such as hospitals, school clinics, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes. They also serve as the helping hands of patient since they are the one who will perform the rehabilitation process in a long duration.


How long does a therapy take?


If you are talking about the duration, most cases takes 5 months to 2 years but there are no exact or distinct time because it will really depend on the patient Another big part of physical therapy you want to learn is massage therapy winnipeg

Online Singing Lessons Can Help You

choirI know this is a political blog. But can we have a little fun? Have you ever wanted to learn how to sing? Online singing lessons are probably your best best. These little video/audio courses that can be streamed online are super easy to use and cheap to get ahold of. Anyone who has tried hiring a vocal coach knows that it can be very expensive to train this way for a long time.

Most vocal coaches only see you once a week anyways. And that’s not a lot of time to get anything done practice wise. They’ll spend a half hour teaching you a new concept and then you’re on your own again. That’s why online singing lessons are the better choice in singer training.

Not only do you get to learn the new concept (and you have a recording of it to go back to over and over), you get to practice on your own anyway. So why spend the extra cash just to have someone tell it to you in person? It makes no sense. But if you’re really after a vocal coach, don’t worry. Stuff like The Superior Singing Method and Brett Manning’s Singing Success

Why There Needs To Be Health Care Costs Reform in the US

Healthcare ReformRather than going into theories let the facts speak for itself here. There are more than 10 million people in the United States of America who did not apply for a health care plan or health insurance in 2013. This is an alarming figure because all these people live without any kind of health security for themselves or for their family. If any one of them meet with an accident, they might not have enough money to look after the cost of treatment and without a heath care plan the government also cannot legally pay them.

This is partially due to the deplorable monetary condition of the common man in the U.S. and largely due to the expensive health care plans that government as well as privatized firms offer to the people of America. Till the better part of the 21st century, America offered health care plans at extremely affordable rates to the people, but they soon found out that these attractive rates were for subsidized versions of the health insurance plans. The trick was not to let the people read or understand the underlying facts. Most of the health care plans did not cover the cost of the treatment completely. If you met with an accident and lost two of the fingers on your left hand, if was likely that your health insurance would pay for only one finger and not for the other. If you had an existing medical condition and you developed another, your existing health care plan would not pay for the latter. The American people felt cheated of their own money. It was not a matter of choice for the people because they were already paying a part of their taxes for health benefits. They could not even appeal for a refund or fight their case in a court of law because there was no resolution center to appeal to.

Michael Moore’s documentary, almost at the same time, caused an uproar among the people. The people began to demand their rights. It was Barrack Obama who came to the rescue of the people in the year 2010 with the Affordable Health Care Act, fondly known as Obamacare now. Although this is a much debated Act, it provided a certain degree of transparency to the entire process of choosing a health care plan. It provided a heath care plan marketplace using which anyone could go online and check the different health care plans on offer both by private firms as well as government units.

Obamacare has miles to go before it can really give the people of America affordable health care that people can really afford. People are still looking for an answer among the hundreds of health care plans that American health care institutions are offering. No matter what plan they choose, they feel they are cheated of their money because health care is never complete, the plans always have underlying clauses and it is difficult to fight for your rights when there are already millions of people standing in the line to have their problems addressed.

What The Occupy Movement Is All About

The Occupy Movement“We are the 99%” say the people of the Occupy movement. The Occupy movement is an international protest movement. This is one movement which protests for social and economic inequality. The primary goal of this movement is to make the economic and political relations in all societies less vertical and less hierarchical and more flatly distributed

The Occupy Movement first started in a few cities in Spain in May-2011. By the end of the month, there were camps all over the country. However, the first protest to get worldwide attention was in Occupy Wall Street in New York which began on 17th September, 2011. By mid-October, on-going protests were seen in 951 cities all over United States. Though the Occupy Movement was most active in America, people were seen protesting in dozens of other countries all across the continent and then in most parts of the world.

When the Occupy Movement started, a lot of groups stated that they did not have a proper goal or proper objective. They were very haphazard. But as time and the movement grew, people knew that the movement is here to stay

“We are the 99%” was first launched as a slogan on the Tumblr blog in Aug-2011. It refers to the concentration of wealth of the top 1% of income earners as compared to the income of the rest of the 99% that a common man gets. The people of the Occupy Movement showed the world that in a country like America, the bottom 80% of the country’s population owned 15% of the country’s total wealth and the 20% of the richer lot owned 85% of the country’s wealth. Don’t we hear that sentence in every country in the world?? These movements only wanted that the percentages of the wealth owned by the two sectors should not be so steep.

The Occupy Movement did not believe in violence. Most of the marches by them were non-violent and peaceful protests barring a few instances. That’s the reason the government at first took a lenient approach allowing them to protest. But by Nov-2011, the protestors started demanding for a ‘Robin Hood’ tax from the people above a certain salary bracket. That’s when the authorities forcibly started removing camps. By the end of 2011, most of the camps were cleared. The last high-profile ones in Washington were cleared in Feb-2012.

There were many countries like Armenia, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Honkong, Isreal, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Ireland, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and United Kingdom who supported the Occupy Movement and had protest movements.

Occupy OaklandThe Occupy Movement has a website called where people are still actively involved. The latest news was posted in the Washington Post which reads that the movement is very busy suing regulators and writing letters including a 325 page letter on the Volcker Rule. Some of the protestors have realized that you need to be in the government to make the change and hence are planning to enter elections

This movement shows the reality of life. ‘Cool down but never give up’



What is Political Activism?

What Is Political Activism?Activism and political activism are seldom seem separately, but there is a small difference between the essences of both the phrases. While activism relates to professing, protesting and driving home a change in the political, social, economic or environmental structure of the society, political activism stresses more on the methods of politics to protest or resist, to cause the same changes. It is very difficult to distinguish as activism in all forms is nearly always associated with political activism.

The recent drive by the LGBT community to decriminalize homosexuality in India is a standing example of political activism. Even though they are out on the streets, protesting and campaigning, their real fight is within the four walls of the court of law. The LGBT community has been fighting a legal case at the High Court from 2009. When they were thrown aback by the Supreme Court’s decision to criminalize the act again, people from everywhere have begun a mass protest that is shaking the parliament from its roots.

Hunger strikes, boycotting campaigns, street marches like the March on Washington in 1963 and all other forms of protest may be politically inclined. If the people demand a change in the law of the country or demand for bringing in a new law in the country’s history, then it is political activism in its strongest form. By this we mean that there are other less aggressive forms, such as writing to members of the parliament, head of the state and other respected people to encourage a political change.

Governments in various places all over the world have been overthrown by activism on a mass scale. A very good example is the overthrowing of the government of Egypt by the people. The head of the state has refused to step down even after several political protests and riots. Finally, the people in a fit of rage, took over the King’s palace and had him removed as a political head.

Political activism takes various forms in the course of its action towards the government. It may turn it a raging riot from a non-violent hunger strike. In fact, the idea behind political activism is to rage a war with words, not with actions. Political activism almost always demands a change of laws, in a non-violent way, may be in the form of marches and protests on the streets. The people who participate in political activism may be very distinguished members of the society who have taken the most difficult choice of their lives to be a part of political activism. One such person was Mahatma Gandhi, who with the power of political activism and hunger strikes united the people of India and gave India its much needed freedom.

Political activism can be best described as a tool, to make the government listen to the people, to ensure that government policies are made for the people’s benefit, not to subdue them, and to make sure that even the people have a weapon of choice when they want to fight against the government in a non-violent manner.

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